Can I Change the Format/Size of My Book or Album?

If you have created your Book or Album via the MILK Books website, then you can change the format.

To change format, simply go to the MY BOOKS page, find the project you'd like to change and click "Change Format". A popup will appear to take you through the process of changing your format. Upon selecting the format you'd like to change to, a duplicate copy of your Photo Book or Album will be created in the new format. 

Please keep in mind that changing format can cause changes in your layout, so make sure to go through each spread to check and make any necessary changes. We highly recommend checking all your photo positions, layouts, text, and settings. Any changes made to a spread by using the free transform tool in your original copy will not be carried over to the new format. You will have to recreate those changes.

*Note that to be able to successfully change from a Photo Book to a Photo Album, the page-count of your book will need to be 64 pages or less. If your page count is higher than this, you will not be able to change the format.


You are not able to change the size or format of your project in the MILK Books Photos App extension.