Black and White Photos

What to expect and look out for.

When ordering a book that contains many black and white images, it is extremely helpful for our production team to be notified prior to your order being placed. To notify us, it's best to send an email to our customer service team Monday-Friday during daytime hours in NZT.

We will print your whole book project to match your digital images as viewed on a calibrated monitor and don't color correct your images in any way, so it is important to note that if your digital black and white images have a color cast, this color cast will be visible in the print result also.

Be prepared to see slightly more image grain in these images than in your color images. The image grain will be more noticeable in print when viewed to scale in your printed book.

Additionally, high contrast black and white images can have very dark areas that may appear more "filled in" in print, so you might wish to adjust those images in a photo editing software prior to upload.

Most black and white images will print without any issue, however if your images are particularly high contrast, grainy, dark, or are old scans, check for issues at 200% of the image size and understand that any issues visible at this scale will be more pronounced or noticeable in print.