For European Customers - Will I Be Charged Import Tax?

Customers shipping to a country within the EU may have import tax applied to their order. Read on for more info on import tax and customs duty.

The recipient of your order may be charged additional import tax and custom duty fees upon your order reaching the border of the EU country you are shipping to. Importation laws and tariff rates differ from country to country, however you can contact the local customs authority for estimate costs.

Please ensure you use the recipient contact phone and email for the order, to ensure FedEx can contact the recipient regarding customs clearance.

Often import tax and customs duty are accompanied by admin & handling fees, which will be added to the total payable amount. If your order is being shipped via premium, tracked shipping, FedEx will facilitate customs clearance as part of their premium service.

To help you to estimate importation fees our books are shipped via Hong Kong, and are classified as 49019900 (tariff code). Your order will be declared at the amount paid. If you apply a promotional voucher the value of your order will be declared as the amount you paid for the voucher.

Note that MILK's shipping pricing doesn't include any admin/handling fees or import tax/customs duty costs, and if these fees apply to your order they are the responsibility of the recipient to pay, as dictated by local customs authorities in the destination country.