Photo Book or Album? How to know which is right for me.

We want to ensure you create the right product for your story. Knowing the difference between our Photo Book & Album range is vital in helping you do that.

Our Photo Albums range from 24-64 pages and the paper is mounted onto board giving an overall page thickness of approximately 1 mm. The pages are bound using a lay-flat, flush-mounted binding technique.

Our Photo Books range from 24-200 pages, and the pages the Premium Range are bound using the section-sewn binding technique. This is an extremely robust, traditional method of book-binding. It is important to note that with this binding technique the pages lie relatively flat, but not perfectly flat as per the method used for the albums.

The Classic Photo Book Range is PUR bound which is a form of perfect binding and is one of the most popular and durable methods in use today. The pages in Classic Photo Books will bow from the center.

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