What Is Pre-Purchase and How Does It Work?

Pre-purchasing a Photo Book, Photo Album, Gallery Frame or Canvas Print allows you to buy our product at a discounted price and enjoy six months to create.

During our promotional periods, we offer the option to Pre-Purchase alongside our checkout discount option. We understand that our photo books and albums take time to design and create and so customers may not be ready to redeem our checkout offer before the promotional period ends. Our Pre-Purchase option means that you can lock-in our discount offer before the promotional period ends and enjoy six months to create your keepsake.

Upon completing your pre-purchase, you are sent a voucher code that you can apply to the project within a six-month time frame. To redeem your pre-purchase voucher, simply apply the voucher into the designated field on the payment page (during checkout), before the six-month expiry. Note, you must be subscribed to our mailing list to receive information on new pre-purchase offers.