How Can I Redeem My Discount or Voucher Code?

Discount and pre-purchase codes can be applied either at the basket or on the payment page. Simply copy and paste your code and select "Apply" to redeem.

Codes can be applied at the top of the Basket page (to the left of the Currency selector) or at the Payment page, beneath your Order Details. Once applied, you should immediately see a success message as well as your discount added.

Pre-Purchase 1Pre-Purchase 2

If you are having trouble applying your Pre-Purchase Voucher code, please consider the following:

  1. Have you created the right format as listed in your Pre-Purchase Voucher details? Your code will only apply to the format pre-purchased.
  2. Has your Pre-Purchase Voucher expired? Voucher codes cannot be redeemed after they've reached their expiry. 

If you are having trouble applying your Discount Code, please consider the following:

  1. Does the promotion only apply to a specific format? You may have created a product that falls outside the promotional offer.
  2. Has the promotion expired? Discount codes are no longer available for redemption once the promotional period has passed.

Note: Only one code can be applied to any single transaction. You cannot apply a discount code in conjunction with any other offer.