What Does UV-Printed Cover & Spine Text Look Like?

UV-Printed Cover & Spine Text sits on top of the cover fabric making it comparable in appearance to a slight emboss. The result is a subtly raised finish.

Our UV Cover & Spine Text is digitally printed and set using Ultra-Violet lights. This gives a subtly raised finish similar to a slight emboss, but instead of being produced by a stamp, the text is printed onto the fabric surface.

We offer a range of designer cover-text templates in multiple shades to complement the color of your chosen cover fabric. 

Note, the print results vary dependent on the fabric chosen. If paired with our colored or natural linen, it produces a clean smooth finish. If paired with our coated cloth or leather fabrics, the result gives an elegant raised look and a textured feel.

UV-Printed Cover & Spine Text is exclusive to our Premium Photo Books and Albums (including Leather Photo Albums).

Two MILK Premium Photo Books with UV printing on their fabric covers.