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What Is Economy Shipping?

Economy Shipping is our lower cost shipping option available for certain orders.

Orders that are placed with our Economy Shipping option are shipped by DHL eCommerce. This is a low-cost service that uses your local postage provider. The estimated delivery timeframe for Economy Shipping is 10-17 working days, however shipping times may vary depending on your destination country.

DHL eCommerce only provides milestone tracking which means that it may take some time before a new tracking event is displayed. Your package continues to travel to the destination despite the times between event updates.

Please note that due to weight restrictions from DHL eCommerce, this shipping option is only available for single item orders of the following products: Small and Medium Classic Photo Books, Medium Premium Photo Books, Medium Softcover Photo Books, and Moleskine Photo Books.

You can see more about how to track your Economy Shipping order here.