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Can I Apply a Pre-Purchase Voucher to an Existing Project?

Yes, you can! When you pre-purchase a specific MILK format, you will be emailed a voucher code that can be applied at checkout whenever you're ready.

If you'd like to pre-purchase a voucher and apply it to an existing project, you must make sure you pre-purchase the exact format of your existing project (same range, size and orientation).

Our pre-purchase option means that you can lock in this discount offer before the promotional period ends and enjoy up to six months to create your keepsake. This means you can redeem your pre-purchase code at any time within those 6 months.

To apply your pre-purchase voucher, you will first need to add your completed project to your basket. On the basket page, you can then apply your pre-purchase voucher and proceed to check out.

If you're having trouble applying your code, it may be because your voucher code doesn't match the format you created. That's why it's important to make sure you've pre-purchased the exact same format as the one you've created.