How Do I Add Text To My Project? How Do I Use Text Boxes?

Many of the image templates in the MILK Design Studio feature text boxes. You can type directly in the box or even copy and paste from another source.

You can also opt to leave the text-boxes empty, or even 'Hide text boxes' so that you can see the pages as they will print, if desired.

Note that the layouts we've designed are fixed, so whether or not you choose to utilize a text box, will not impact the positioning and size of any image frames that are part of the chosen layout.

There are seven font style options you can choose from: Brandon Grotesque (a Sans Serif font), Baskerville (a Serif font), Americane Condensed (a Sans Serif font), Noto Sans (a Sans Serif font), Playfair Display (a Serif font), Recline (a Serif font), and Sonneta Script (a handwritten font). Please note that the MILK Books Photo App extension only has Brandon Grotesque and Baskerville available.

You can edit the font style at any time by clicking on the text box in your project and using the font drop down menu.

The standard point size for the fonts is 10.5pt*.
*N.b.: If you are worried that the 10.5pt is too small you can always print out a word document with text at this size to check its readability. You will likely find that in real size, 10.5pt is quite a readable and elegant size for your photos captions. If you have created your project via the MILK Books website, you can also check your PDF proof once your order is ready to be placed. You can request this proof from your MY BOOKS page.

To change any parts of the text to bold or italic, carefully highlight the text and then click the corresponding icon (displayed to the right of the text box), for either bold or italic.

If you wish to include larger bodies of text such as excerpts of speeches etc., or other anecdotes, you can choose to have a text spread layout. To select a text layout, click on the drop down menu in the layout panel, scroll to the bottom and select ‘text’. From there you can look through the layouts until you find a text layout that will best accommodate your text.

When copying text from other sources do so with caution. Our Design Studio may not be able to read formatting from all text sources and so the formatting may jump during processing. For this reason it is recommended to type out your text from scratch directly into each text box.

The text formatting on the cover, first page, and last page have limited options and in some cases, cannot be altered. The point size, the positioning on the text (i.e. right or left registered, top or bottom placement), is fixed, and it is a purposeful part of the design.