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Cannot Upload Images?

If you're experiencing difficulty uploading your images to the Design Studio, please note the following:

  • A minimum broadband speed of 1.0Mbps is generally required, and most average broadband speed is faster than this. MOLESKINE + MILK can be viewed with a broadband speed as low as 512Kbps, but some functions may take a long time to load and operate at this speed.
  • It is important try to gauge the data-load that your computer & network can manage when uploading many high resolution image files all at once. We recommend uploading your images in small batches at first and then increasing from there if there are no issues with the upload progress.
  • As our software operates online it is not advisable to leave the Design Studio window open for extended periods of time as there could be a lapse in your internet connection or the session could expire preventing upload or changes from saving. It is better to refresh the page, by saving and closing the editing window, after each editing session.
  • If image upload has halted you will need to right-click on the images that are stuck in the queue to delete them, before refreshing your screen, checking your internet connection and re-uploading those images again
  • If you are creating a book using a server with firewall proxy settings, you will need to ‘whitelist’ our URL *.milkbooks.com and our book creation URL *.create.milkbooks.com.
  • Ensure you have enabled pop-ups. 
  • Ensure your computer settings are displaying the correct timezone, date and time.​