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How can I add spine and cover text to my photo book or album?

UV Printing on your cover and/or spine is available as an option for the MILK Premium range exclusively.

Add a professional touch on the cover and spine by selecting our cover text add-on. Your text will be printed directly onto the cover fabric using UV curable inks that allow a sharp, high quality result across all materials.

You can add UV Printed text under the "Add ons" tab in the design studio. Once the cover text and/or spine text is added on, you can go to the "Layout" option in the side panel, and choose from "Classic covers" or "Designer covers".

UV Printed text is available in a range of colors, dependent on the cover fabric chosen. 

If you wish for text to be UV printed on the cover and/or spine only, you can add a few spaces into the text box by hitting the space-bar a couple of times to remove the empty text-box warning.

Cover & spine text is an additional cost of US$16.00.