How Can I Pre-Purchase A Voucher?

During our promotional periods, you can pre-purchase a voucher to lock in the price and enjoy 6 months to create.

You can pre-purchase a voucher by visiting the specific product page of the format you would like to pre-purchase. You will need to select the size, format, and number of pages using our interactive price guide.

Product Picker 1

Once you are happy with the options you have selected, click on the "Buy Now" button to bring up the checkout.

Product Picker 2
This will bring up the checkout where you can choose how many copies you would like, enter your details, and complete your purchase.

PPV CheckoutIf you would like to order more than one copy, but intend to redeem each copy separately, you can select the option to ship separately.

PPV Basket 2

Once you have completed your purchase, you will be emailed your pre-purchase voucher code which you can then redeem at any point before the expiry date.

You can also pre-purchase a voucher from the promotional page that is available during our larger sales, i.e., Black Friday, our Birthday sale, and Easter.

If you are using the MILK Books Photos App Extension, you can see how to purchase a pre-purchase voucher here.