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Storing Content - How Long Will You Store My MILK Projects?

We will do our utmost to keep your content securely stored while you are creating your book.

We will store any books in progress for a period of 90 days after it was last accessed by you or a guest contributor. You are not required to order in this time, but simply keep your project active by opening it in the design studio. We will send you a series of emails notifying you of an ageing project.

If you complete your book but do not print it, we will store it for 60 days after it was completed.

Once your book is printed, we offer lifetime storage of the project should you wish to print another copy in future. 

MILK Books provides a book creation and publishing service and is not a content hosting provider and any books started and abandoned will be deleted after a stated period of time. We will endeavor to contact you prior to deleting any books.

Click here to see our archiving policy for more details. Click on MY BOOKS to view books that you are currently working on. View completed books in MY ORDERS.

Projects created on the MILK Books Photos App extension are not deleted as they are stored on your device.