Uploading Your Images - Best Practices for Image Imports

Here are some tips to take note of when uploading your images into the Design Studio.

  1. The following web browsers are most compatible with our design studio:
    Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari (for Mac users). Please always use up to date versions of these browsers, as using older versions could result in reduced functionality.

    Do not use Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge to create your books via the Design Studio, as it is not compatible, and doing so will result in reduced functionality.

  2. We recommend uploading your images as high res JPEG's at 300 dpi or higher (at final size) for the best print results. 

    You are responsible for monitoring image quality & resolution.

    To check for blurriness, image grain, and other qualities inherent in the files, we recommend opening them on your device and zooming at 200%.

    With regards to resolution, note that images will need to be at approx. 300dpi at the final size (i.e. to fit the intended image frame, or layout) for the best print result. To see the relative page and spread sizes of each of our formats in mm's click here.
  3. MILK Books does not make any corrections or alterations to your images.
    We will print your images exactly as they are supplied, so it's important to make sure any adjustments are made prior to upload. We do not color correct or adjust your images in any way before printing.
  4. Check the color mode of your images prior to upload.
    Our RGB workflow supports wide gamut profiles including Adobe RGB and ProPhoto RGB as well as the standard sRGB. Images should be uploaded with the profile embedded. 

    If you upload images in the CMYK color profile this may give unexpected results.


Please note that our Design Studio does not include any tools for adjusting image colors/brightness, nor does it allow you to rotate/crop your images, so please ensure that you make any necessary adjustments offline before you upload your images.